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 NEW PILATES CLASSES are added at client’s request. Please use our email form below to share your thoughts on class times and days. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us to build our class schedule. SPECIAL NOTE: We are equipped with extra long reformers in order to support our elite athlete training programs, a critical detail when taking in to account the height and proportion of most professional athletes.


10:00am Apparatus
7:00pm Mat


5:00pm Mat
7:00pm Apparatus


10:00am Apparatus
5:00pm  Mat


7:00pm Apparatus


5:00pm  Mat
6:30pm Apparatus
  • Pilates

    Stretch, Strength. Control.

    Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. These exercises concurrently involve one’s body and mind to the purpose of improving posture, restoring muscular tone and correcting any imbalances in the body.

  • Pilates Mat

    Refine Your Body.

    This class teaches the authentic Mat Work as created by Joseph Pilates. There is no apparatus used (except Magic Circles and hand weights). One of the best investments Pilates clients can make is to learn the Mat Work well, facilitating quicker, consistent and budget friendly results.

  • Pilates Apparatus

    Authentic Gratz equipment.

    We are a fully equipped Gratz Studio (apparatus created off original specs of Joseph Pilates). This allows us to use the Reformer, the Tower units and springs to teach your body to properly do Pilates. Because our classes are small, you can expect individual attention to detail, impeccable form and therefore reap the benefits of Pilates right away. Joseph Pilates recommended you do Pilates 3 times a week, this can be found in a combination of private lessons, apparatus classes, mat classes and doing your homework.

  • Pilates for Athletes

    For the Elite Athlete

    Designed to create muscle balance in the body, this training works to counter the repetitive movement of elite athletes, a critical component for the prevention of injury. Greater endurance, higher potential and less injury can be expected with consistent Pilates as part of your training regiment. We are equipped with extra long reformers for our taller, stronger athletes.


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Infinity Building

40 SW 13th St, Suite 504, Miami, FL  33130

p. 305-381-9641





Studio Rates


An important first step and affordable way to get started in Pilates!



$200 for 3 Private Sessions!

(1 month expiration)


The Private Session Is A One-On-One Experience That Is Customized For Your Body.



Private Pilates or Yoga: $85

Package of 5: $400

Package of 10: $780

Package of 20: $1500

(3 month expiration)


Great for couples and friends who share similar fitness interests!


Pilates Duet Rates:

Single Duet Session: $60

Package of 10: $550


Yoga Duet Rates:

Single Duet Session: $60

Package of 10: $550





The group class (10 people max) is a fun way to enjoy your session in a small setting. 


Pilates Apparatus Classes:

Single Group Session: $38 each

Package of 10: $450 each

(3 month expiration)

Package of 20: $600 each

(3 month expiration)


Pilates mat, Yoga & Nia Classes:

Single Class: $20

Package of 10: $180


Want an easy and convenient way to enjoy any combination of classes? The Account Package option allows you to enjoy any combination of private, duet and group classes until your account runs out. Please keep in mind that you must complete several Private classes before taking group classes.  Minimum deposit of $500 is required


Do you have a family member or a special friend who’s interested in Pilates? Get a free Private session when your referred friend/family member purchases a 5, 10 or 20 private lesson package!


Pilates & Movement Center of Brickell

Infinity Building 40 SW 13th St, Suite 504

Miami, FL  33130



About Us

Our team

Co-owned by Bernadette Bassiouni and Kerri Bender, the Pilates &Movement Center of Brickell is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional teaching by top Pilates instructors who are graduates of the elite Romana’s Pilates certification program. Furthermore, the center offers an array of Yoga Instruction and Dance Movements with excellent instruction.

  • Bernadette Bassiouni

    Bernadette Bassiouni
    Co-owner, Level 4 Instructor Trainer

    Bernadette was introduced to Pilates after having been accepted to study with the Australian Ballet. She became aware of the tremendous potential of enhancing muscle function and control as well as strength and flexibility needed to maintain the long, lean look of a classical dancer through her Pilates experience while working as a professional dancer for the Australian Ballet. Bernadette trained under Romana Kryzanowska and daughter Sari Mejia Santo, both of whom were direct students of Joseph H. Pilates, and dedicates herself to teaching and sharing the benefits of Pilates. Bernadette is also the owner of The Pilates Center by Bernadette in Key Biscyane, FL.

  • Jim Buckley

    Jim Buckley
    Level 4 Instructor

    For 3 years Jim Buckley has been a Pilates instructor and has had the great privilege of learning from master teachers Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia with continued learning under Kerri Bender and Level 3 Instructor Jamie Trout. Jim joined The Pilates Center by Bernadette in 2009 and the recently established Pilates & Movement Center of Brickell. He currently lives in Miami Beach.

  • Jennifer Stroud


    Jennifer Stroud is a certified Level V Instructor with an apprenticeship completion under Sari Mejia Santo and Daria Pace, daughter and granddaughter of renowned Pilates teacher Romana Krzyanowska. She has lived and taught abroad in Asia and Europe. As an avid athlete, Jennifer empowers her clients to find their own inner strength while recognizing their limitations by challenging them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

  • Danielle Gravina

    Danielle Gravina
    Pilates Instructor

    Danielle is a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor with over 15 years experience in the fitness arena. She has worked in Brazil, Australia, and the USA and also holds certifications with the International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA) and Power Pilates. At an early age Danielle learned about body expression through movement while training in many dance disciplines and embraced Pilates Method for a therapeutic recovery after a neck and shoulder injury. Today she is part of PMA - Pilates Method Alliance and practices Pilates every day with a strong belief that this art of exercising brings alignment, balance and strength. Danielle is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese


Pilates & Movement Center of Brickell

Infinity Building 40 SW 13th St, Suite 504

Miami, FL  33130



Find us, contact us


Infinity Building

40 SW 13th St, Suite 504, Miami, FL  33130

p. 305-381-9641


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Pilates & Movement Center of Brickell

Infinity Building 40 SW 13th St, Suite 504

Miami, FL  33130



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The Pilates & Movement Center of Brickell

by Bernadette and Kerri




Tymi Howard JULY 20-21, 2013 Flow Workshop
[oqeygallery id=2] 

FLOW WORKSHOP was a huge success with Tymi Howard. Thank you to all who made it so great with their participation.





Tymi Howard of GuruvYoga
Tymi Howard Tymi Howard Tymi Howard

TYMI HOWARD /500 E-RYT is a lover of God, Life and Yoga! The Owner and Director of Guruv Yoga Studios in Central Florida. Committed to inspiring people to discover their purpose/passion through the art of yoga. Influenced by a career in Ballet and Dance, as well as Health & Fitness, Tymi is known in the yoga community as a skillful practitioner, and a dynamic, non-dogmatic, playful teacher! She is a Presenter/Teacher at the Florida Yoga Journal Conference, Midwest Yoga Conference, Bhakti Fest, Texas Yoga Conference, Rasa Lila Festivals, Scottsdale Yoga Festival, on Staff with Access Broadway Competition, Ambassador for LuLu Lemon, BOGA YOGA Paddleboards, Priti Jewels and The Yoga Recipe.
Forever grateful to the many teachers and students who continue to INSPIRE!